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At Pure Solar Clean, we provide unmatched commercial solar panel cleaning in Rocklin, CA, and throughout the Sacramento Valley. Our commercial-focused service leverages advanced water filtration techniques and the industry’s leading water-fed rotating brushes, ensuring every cleaning is thorough, safe, and maintains your warranty. Utilizing filtered water, we protect your large-scale investment and enhance the efficiency and longevity of your solar arrays. Our team of experts, committed to excellence and client satisfaction, offers unmatched service at competitive rates, making us the preferred choice for businesses aiming to maximize their solar performance. Partner with Pure Solar Clean for a professional clean that boosts your energy production and preserves the value of your commercial solar installations.

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We Bring the
Water To You

Pure Solar Clean brings mineral-free water directly to you, ensuring it meets the strict warranty requirement of less than 5 parts per million (ppm). This careful approach prevents hard water spots on your solar panels, maintaining their efficiency and longevity. Unlike other services, we don’t use your water supply, saving you additional costs. Our trucks are equipped to deliver this specialized, ultra-pure water right to your jobsite, making our solar panel cleaning process both efficient and cost-effective. Trust us for a spotless clean without the extra expense.

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Best Equipment
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Pure Solar Clean distinguishes itself with the best-in-class SolaTec C1000 rotating brush, specifically engineered for gentle and effective solar panel cleaning. Unlike typical services using abrasive static brushes, our SolaTec C1000 avoids damage and ensures a spotless finish. This premier tool, unique to our service, streamlines cleaning, reducing time without compromising quality. Our choice of specialized equipment demonstrates our commitment to excellence and the protection of your solar investment. Trust Pure Solar Clean for unparalleled care with the industry’s leading technology. 

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Dusty, dirty, or pollen-covered panels can’t fully absorb sunlight. Regular cleaning ensures optimal light absorption by the cells beneath, maintaining peak efficiency. Our expert cleaning not only clears existing buildup but also helps prevent future accumulations, enhancing protection over time. This routine maintenance is key to maximizing your solar panels’ performance and longevity.

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Benefits of Our Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning in Rocklin CA

Pure Solar Clean excels in commercial solar panel cleaning in Rocklin CA, offering significant benefits like no need for on-site water access, as we bring our own filtered water. This, alongside the use of the industry’s best water-fed rotating brushes, ensures a deep clean without compromising your panels’ warranty. Our process not only safeguards your investment but also significantly boosts energy production by maintaining peak panel efficiency. Choose Pure Solar Clean for unparalleled service at competitive rates, leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the performance and longevity of your commercial solar arrays.

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Frequently Asked Rocklin Commercial Solar Cleaning Questions

Solar panels need to be cleaned to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can reduce their efficiency and hinder energy production. Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and more money back in your pocket. Especially with larger scale systems, the returns are vastly significant than those of a residential home due to the vast number of panels, regular cleaning can increase efficiency up to 30%.

We are happy that you are taking the necessary steps to protecting your investment! However, we set ourselves apart from every other cleaner commercially by bringing our own water utilizing our 1000 gallon water tank and water filtration systems in our warehouse. The other guys that produce water onsite take much longer to filter the water and oftentimes do not test their water on site. For Agricultural customers with solar farms, the mineral content often exceeds 200 PPM which is extremely toxic to your solar panels and requires a much more in depth filtration process. Pure Solar Clean gives you the peace of mind to protect your commercial solar systems by properly testing our water and assuring that we are efficient and effective in protecting your large scale solar investment.

We first filter the water in our warehouse down to 0 PPM, also known as lab grade water. We then load it onto our trucks and bring it to your solar site, so there will be no need for water access. As soon as we arrive we get to work, utilizing the Solatec C-1000 rotating brush imported from Germany that is solely run off of water pressure and uses no electricity. Once we are done cleaning your panels, we take before and after photos to send to you.

This answer truly depends on the area that your solar system resides in. We have serviced over 150 commercial clients and more often than not they typically opt for 2-3 times per year in order to harvest the most amount of the sun since they have a vast quantity of panels that would exponentially increase the output of your solar arrays by allowing more sun in.

Not all homes and systems are the same, which is why we advise that you reach out to us in order to get a quote custom to your home. We will provide you with the most cost effective and safe solution for your solar panel cleaning needs. If you are an agricultural or commercial client with more than 100 solar panels, you will qualify for our special commercial pricing.

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