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The Best Solar Panel Cleaners in Rocklin, CA

We offer the best solar panel cleaning services in Rocklin, CA and across the Sacramento Valley. Our specialized service, tailored exclusively for the region, combines advanced water filtration techniques in our warehouse that we bring to your home along with the industry’s top water fed rotating brushes, ensuring every cleaning is safe, effective, and warranty-friendly. Our dedication to using filtered water not only protects your investment but also maximizes solar panel efficiency and longevity. Our experienced team, known for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, delivers unmatched service at competitive rates. As the leading solar panel cleaning experts in Rocklin, CA, Pure Solar Clean is your trusted partner in maintaining peak solar performance. Choose us for a sparkling clean that promises enhanced energy production and the ultimate care for your solar installations.

Our Rocklin Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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We Bring the
Water To You

Pure Solar Clean brings mineral-free water directly to you, ensuring it meets the strict warranty requirement of less than 5 parts per million (ppm). This careful approach prevents hard water spots on your solar panels, maintaining their efficiency and longevity. Unlike other services, we don’t use your water supply, saving you additional costs. Our trucks are equipped to deliver this specialized, ultra-pure water right to your doorstep, making our solar panel cleaning process both efficient and cost-effective. Trust us for a spotless clean without the extra expense.

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Best Equipment
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Pure Solar Clean distinguishes itself with the best-in-class SolaTec C1000 rotating brush, specifically engineered for gentle and effective solar panel cleaning. Unlike typical services using abrasive static brushes, our SolaTec C1000 avoids damage and ensures a spotless finish. This premier tool, unique to our service, streamlines cleaning, reducing time without compromising quality. Our choice of specialized equipment demonstrates our commitment to excellence and the protection of your solar investment. Trust Pure Solar Clean for unparalleled care with the industry’s leading technology.

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Dusty, dirty, or pollen-covered panels can’t fully absorb sunlight. Regular cleaning ensures optimal light absorption by the cells beneath, maintaining peak efficiency. Our expert cleaning not only clears existing buildup but also helps prevent future accumulations, enhancing protection over time. This routine maintenance is key to maximizing your solar panels’ performance and longevity.

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To maintain their beauty, all items on your property need regular cleaning. Just as dust and grime diminish appeal, solar panels covered in dust, pollen, or mud alter your home’s aesthetics. Dirty solar panels on your roof are visible not just to you, but to everyone. Opt for Pure Solar Clean, and we’ll address all your solar panel cleaning needs, ensuring they always look their best and complement your home perfectly.

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Your Investment!

Protecting your solar panel investment is crucial; after all, it’s an asset that generates real dollar value in energy savings. Just like any valuable purchase, you don’t want it to deteriorate after only a few uses. Solar panels, with their significant cost, demand regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure their durability and extend their lifespan. Opting for our professional solar panel cleaning services in Rocklin, CA, not only enhances their longevity but also provides additional long-term protection, safeguarding your energy-producing asset and maximizing its financial return.

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Benefits Of Our Solar Panel Cleaning in Rocklin CA

One of the key reasons to invest in solar panels is the incredible savings and financial returns they offer over time. To maximize these benefits, maintaining your panels in top condition is essential. This is where Pure Solar Clean excels. We are the leading experts in solar panel cleaning, serving a broad clientele with unparalleled success. Our dedicated team of professionals delivers exceptional customer service, ensuring your panels perform at their best. With Pure Solar Clean, you can expect premium cleaning services at competitive prices, making us the best choice for safeguarding your solar investment. Choosing us means choosing reliability and satisfaction!

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Real Solar Panel Cleaning Reviews From Happy Customers


Solar Panel Cleaning Rocklin CA

Had an absolute fantastic experience with Pure Solar. The team showed up on time and went str8 to work. In a matter of minutes my panels were spotless and had their original luster once again. I’ll definitely be giving them a call in the spring.

Ricky W.

Solar Panel Cleaning In Rocklin CA

We absolutely love Pure Solar Clean! They came on time with super smiles and the nicest and most polite young men ever!! They backed up into our driveway and did not have to trouble us with anything! Clean truck and professional equipment! Went right to work, took photos for us to see the great job they did!! They have our business from here on! You can TRUST Pure Solar Clean!! Thank you very much!!

Nini J.

Solar Panel Cleaning Rocklin

If I could give 10 stars for this service I would. Especially liked the before and after pics sent to me automatically after the guys had finished. What a difference Pure Solar makes, they spiked my energy production. Must use.

James C.

Frequently Asked Rocklin Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

Solar panels need to be cleaned to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can reduce their efficiency and hinder energy production. Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and more money back in your pocket.

While you can clean solar panels yourself, it’s recommended to hire professionals. Our team has the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively clean your solar panels without causing any damage. It is also against your warranty to use water that is over 5 ppm mineral content on the panels, which causes hard water spots and can be very abrasive towards your panels, and the average PPM of hard water in our area is around 50 ppm.

We first filter the water in our warehouse down to 0 PPM, also known as lab grade water. We then load it onto our trucks and bring it to your home, so there will be no need for water access. As soon as we arrive we get to work, utilizing the Solatec C-1000 rotating brush imported from Germany that is solely run off of water pressure and uses no electricity. Once we are done cleaning your panels, we take before and after photos to send to you.

This answer truly depends on the area that you live in. If you live in a rural area near a lot of farms, you may need cleaning up to 4 times per year. If you live in a suburban neighborhood, it is recommended at minimum to clean your solar panels at least 2 times per year, in order to maintain the maximum efficiency and prevent buildup that can be harmful to your panels.

Not all homes and systems are the same, which is why we advise that you reach out to us in order to get a quote custom to your home. We will provide you with the most cost effective and safe solution for your solar panel cleaning needs.

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