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The Best Bird Proofing in Rocklin, CA

Pure Solar Clean offers cutting-edge bird proofing solutions to protect your solar investment. Unlike traditional wire bird mesh, we utilize SolaTrim – a superior bird proofing system that guarantees to resolve your bird intrusion issues for good. Our service includes a lifetime warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and your peace of mind. SolaTrim not only secures your panels from birds but also maintains the aesthetic appeal of your solar setup. With Pure Solar Clean, you’re choosing a comprehensive approach to solar panel care, ensuring both cleanliness and protection with our industry-leading techniques and materials. Trust us to safeguard your solar panels against birds, enhancing their efficiency and longevity. Opt for Pure Solar Clean for an all-in-one solution that promises lasting protection and optimal solar panel performance.

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SolaTrim stands out by offering superior protection for your solar panels, effectively shielding them from birds and environmental debris. This premium solution not only preserves the aesthetics of your system but also its functionality. The confidence in SolaTrim’s durability is reflected in its lifetime warranty, a promise of enduring protection. This warranty holds strong because Pure Solar Clean, a licensed installer, ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of quality and precision. With Pure Solar Clean and SolaTrim, you gain not just a product but a lasting commitment to your solar system’s safeguarding and efficiency.

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Curb Appeal

SolaTrim significantly enhances the curb appeal of your solar panel system, offering a sleek, modern alternative to the old wire mesh. Its innovative design not only provides superior protection against environmental elements and birds but also complements the aesthetic of your home. With SolaTrim, you can maintain the elegant appearance of your solar installation without sacrificing functionality. It’s the perfect blend of style and security, ensuring your solar panels look as good as they perform. Choose SolaTrim for a visually appealing solution that keeps your solar panels safe and stylish.

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SolaTrim is the ultimate solution for preserving your solar panel warranty, thanks to its innovative design that requires no hooks, screws, or penetrations for installation. This meticulous approach ensures your solar panels remain intact and unaltered, maintaining their warranty and structural integrity. SolaTrim’s unique installation method not only offers unmatched protection against environmental threats and pests but also upholds the condition of your solar system without compromising its original state. Opt for SolaTrim for a secure, reliable, and warranty-friendly protection method that keeps your solar panels in pristine condition.

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Save Money with our Bird Proofing in Rocklin CA

Investing in SolaTrim can save you from future expenses caused by bird-related damages to your solar panels. Birds nesting under panels can lead to costly repairs and decreased efficiency, eating away your solar investment one wire at a time. SolaTrim’s protective barrier prevents birds from accessing and damaging your panels, safeguarding your system’s performance and longevity. By choosing SolaTrim, you’re not just protecting your panels; you’re ensuring an uninterrupted energy production and maximizing your savings. Secure your solar panels with SolaTrim and avoid the financial burden of unforeseen repairs, making it a smart, cost-effective solution for long-term savings.

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Frequently Asked Rocklin SolaTrim Bird Proofing Questions

There are 4 potentially expensive hazards to home rooftop solar panels that are remedied and eliminated by SolaTrim:

  1. Squirrels that chew wiring and can damage your solar electrical system.
  2. Damaged wiring that turns into a fire hazard.
  3. Pigeons that nest underneath your home solar system create a serious health risk while degrading your property.
  4. An accumulation of leaves or debris trapped beneath solar panel arrays can lead to roof damage and roof rot.
Although wire mesh is cheaper, and our margins would be higher, we do not offer wire mesh bird proofing as we do not find it as effective as the SolaTrim product and would not offer anything to our clients that we would not use in our own homes. More often than not, we come in and remove the wire mesh because birds, squirrels, or other pests have gotten through the barrier and caused problems after the homeowner had thought they had mitigated this problem already by choosing the cheaper short term solution.
Even if there aren’t any critter problems now, there very well could be later. And if there presently isn’t a threat from pests, accumulated debris like leaves and branches from nearby trees can be a problem if they stay under the solar array indefinitely. Your solar system was designed to last for 20-25 years, as was SolaTrim. Adding an aesthetic and protective barrier to your system now will provide peace of mind for the life of the system.

So long as your SolaTrim is installed by a certified installer, you will get a warranty for the lifetime of your solar system. Pure Solar Clean is proud to be the only certified installer at the moment on the West Coast. If any naturally caused penetrations were to occur, Pure Solar Clean will come back out to make any repairs as needed at no cost to you.

SolaTrim is installed by using a patented peel and stick process, and is warranty friendly as it does not utilize screws, hooks, or any other penetrations into the solar panel. Pure Solar Clean utilizes warranty friendly solutions across the board.

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